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I was just noticing that our country has not added a new state to the Union since Hawai'i.

From then until now makes it the longest period in our history since doing so. From 1912 to 1959 was the previous longest span. From then until now makes us set the new record for each day we delay. What do you say about Puerto Rico or Guam?

With mainland China building new islands on top of reefs in the Pacific, claiming new territory to rule over perhaps we should extend our statehood over the Pacific further. That is what is happening from China. Precious reef life in being destroyed to make more China. Admittedly they are the ones making "new" land. The military aspects of such territory makes this a very interesting series of projects, encroaching on various nations nearby.

As a wise person once said, "You're either green and growing or ripe and rotting." My fellow Americans, we ready to grow or ready to rot?

Clark A. Brandt