Show us the evidence

Show us the evidence


Regarding “Don’t Ignore all the good President Trump has done,” (Jan. 4):  I invite Mr. Cohea to respond to my request for evidence about several points in his letter.

First, Mr. Cohea states "...evangelicals didn’t abandon the poor, the widow, the orphan or the innocent unborn. They just think the government does a poor job in serving them. That they and the countless organizations they sponsor do a far better job.”

Please do tell about the church’s efforts and the "countless organizations they sponsor." From my career in family mental health and child welfare, if it wasn’t for the government’s programs like foster care, providing children’s mental health services, funding parenting programs, and providing mental health supports in schools, challenged families and children would be floundering.

Please do tell the large-scale efforts that the church consistently provides every county in this nation to support these families. Also what organizations the church supports that, again, provide concrete help to families in every county in this nation.

Second, bring me some data on how Trump’s tax cuts helped us. Here’s some.

A Forbes magazine article from May 30, 2019 states Trump's tax cuts "didn’t work and the data prove it." Investment did not boom and the richest got even richer. Instead, the federal government acquired massive deficits while wealth inequality reached its highest point in three decades.

There’s plenty of data to show the tax cuts did not have benefits for the average American. Ready and waiting to hear how the tax cuts helped "blue collar workers and retirees."

Fay Sady



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