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Society and women today

Society and women today

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I am an eighth student here at River Middle School and I am submitting my Bias Perspectives Essay.

One in three women in their lifetime have or will be sexually harassed. Why does this problem exist? Simple, society. Catcalling, rape, sexual assault, and society’s insanely high standards for women. But why is this happening everywhere? Why do women need to live in constant fear?

This fear has become normal for women. Walking around with their keys in between their fingers or walking with pepper spray. I have seen videos of women telling everyone how they bought a taser or how they dress up like a man when going out.

I saw a video just the other day of a woman walking through New York City just to be catcalled almost every block. These are just some examples of why women are living in fear. Catcalling is getting so aggressive these days. According to, one in 10 girls are catcalled before their 11th birthday.

I assure you if you go up to any woman they will tell you that they would rather be called beautiful respectfully than having someone make animal noises at them. As a woman, when walking by a man, I have that one thought in the back of my mind, thinking, “What if?” Why do I need to think like that, though?

Society's standards for women these days are astronomical. Today, women and girls are not allowed to be themselves without someone judging them or making fun of them. “Wear some makeup, you look like a slob. But not too much, or you will look like you’re trying to please someone. Show some skin! Why are you showing that much? You are just asking for it.”

What is with society today and wanting to control what we wear? Can’t we just be ourselves? Why do we need to impress someone? The only person we want to impress is ourselves. But for some strange reason, people can’t seem to get on board with that. Let’s just be able to do something for ourselves for once.

Let’s teach people right, Instead of teaching women that it’s normal to live in constant fear, teach men that it is not okay to catcall or rape, that it is not okay to let women live in constant fear. So, I encourage you, if you ever see a woman or even a man that seems uncomfortable with someone else, to stand up for them. Be better.

Madison Poli


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