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Dear editor: It is times like these when your newspapers can best help the public.

The latest dust-up over Measure C seems to have too many shouts, too many calls for fast action without giving the Board of Supervisors the time to get it right by using science to inform their next steps. Please list these simple little facts that can help the Board of Supervisors take the time to get it right:

* This measure appears to have been written by two guys in the proverbial "smoke filled room." What standing do they have? Why did they write it? Who put up huge amounts of money to support it? Why?

* The people rejected it.

* Vineyards cover only 9 percent of Napa County. Seems strange that they are being blamed for 100 percent of fancied problems.

* The record shows that we have done a fine job of insuring that Napa County has a successful cash cow wine industry. There were 15 wineries when we moved here in 1976 - now 400 or 600? Prunes and cows came before; they were never going to sustain this life.

* Look at the population growth in that same time period - from just under 80,000 to 141,000. Hundreds of new houses with hardscapes that intrude on water management.

* Back when Measure C appeared, the St. Helena Star newspaper said, as I recall, "some things to like here - but maybe the wrong way to get them..."

Please help us get it right with some useful observations - like: "No need to rush - nothing is broken here;" " Tamp down the emotions by suggesting engaging the best experts to look at those best ideas in C - and tell us how to scientifically incorporate them into the County's governance."

Bill Ryan

St. Helena

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