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In response to the article about the proposed overpasses in Napa I would like to voice my opinion on the Highway 12/121 intersection, as the construction of such would negatively impact people and businesses in the area along Carneros Highway, Cuttings Wharf, Las Amigas, Milton Road, Los Carneros, Duhig Road and Stanly Lane and this is the reason why.

Do you remember when Highway 121/12, otherwise known as Carneros Highway, had a big sign saying "Scenic Highway?" I do, and it was not that long ago, but now the traffic is so bad, fast and constant, that nobody has time to admire the beauty of Carneros vineyards' vistas and it's mainly because Highway 121/12 became a link between highway 80 and 101.

That happened after the improvements/widening of Jameson Canyon Road, which was needed and welcome by many, but it overwhelmingly worsened the traffic on our still agricultural and local road that is used by grape trucks, tractors, workers moving from vineyard to vineyard and locals living in quite densely populated area, while making it more and more dangerous, like the recent deadly accident, unfortunately not the only one.

That road is now full of trucks, big rigs, commuters and cars that don't necessarily go wine tasting in Napa Valley but just fly by.

For years, I have been an advocate for improving Highway 37 which eventually will be raised and widened at a huge cost, because there's no other option for steady growth of traffic, so why waste millions of dollars on rather thoughtless project that will not solve the problem but potentially might make it worse because if the traffic flows from Highway 29 into Carneros Highway it will be stopped almost immediately at Stanly Lane signal light (which will be more active as the resort construction is completed), then another signal light at Old Sonoma Road, which is a blessing for locals as it gives us a break in traffic.

After talking with Caltrans reps I realized that they only look at road maps without considering human factors, therefore I'm asking Napa Transportation Authority, our planners and supervisors to take a look at this proposal from a local point of view with consideration for our safety and quality of life.

Elizabeth Hyde


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