I was sorry to read that Zoe Rodriguez was injured on her hike at Westwood Hills ("Injured hiker criticizes maintenance at Westwood Hills Park; Napa says upgrades are coming," Aug. 16)

I hike a loop in that park two or three times a week. It is one of the most accessible and used parks in Napa. It is steep in places, but the view at the top and the shady trails make it worth the effort. I’m pleased when I meet out-of-town visitors hiking such a beloved local trail.

I love the natural hiking experience that is right in Napa’s backyard. I want to thank the people who maintain the park, the upgrades at the trailhead (drinking fountain, bathroom, landscaping.). Also a big shout-out to the volunteers who work during the fall and winter months to clear the French Broom, an invasive plant that squeezes out the natural plants.

For the most part the trail is wide and obvious. Some of the loop trails that I walk are single file, but clearly foot traffic trails. Going off the main trails, when it is not clear that it is for foot traffic is never recommended in city parks. Appropriate shoes should be worn, and hikers must make allowances for steep, muddy, rocky, or slippery slopes, and hike accordingly.

Janet Borba


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