They’re back!

I understand why developers want the Adams Street property. It’s in St. Helena. But it’s our property and we need to let the City Council know that it’s not for sale. We have one last chance to tell them 'no'.

Please join me at the City Council Meeting on Tuesday, May 28 at 6 p.m. We all need to show up and tell them 'no.'

On Tuesday, May 28 the City Council will decide whether or not to call for RFPs. A Request For Proposal would be asking developers what they think should happen to our property. Developers will propose a hotel as the only thing that makes sense for Adams Street. They will propose what makes them money.

We need to show up and let the City Council know, yet again, that Adams Street is not for sale. No RFPs. Don’t let them privatize our public property. Once it’s sold, it’s gone forever.

We don’t need another luxury hotel in St. Helena especially one that is off Main Street, at the intersection of two dead-end streets. We don’t want more traffic congestion in the middle of our commercial area.

Kevin Courtney’s May 5 Napa Valley Register column is on Napa’s traffic woes. One reader wrote that locals have been “sacrificed” on the “alter of tourism and greed” by public officials who aren’t looking out for them. Further, downtown hotels are usurping public parking spaces. “The issue in the end is the complete and utter lack of balance between tourism and the needs of the citizens of this city.” St. Helena should not follow Napa’s bad example.

There are already two hotels approved. Friedrich, on the old Central Valley property at Main and Vidovich, and Farmstead across the highway at Main and Charter Oak, and I’ve heard about another behind Gott’s. Isn’t that enough?! Not to mention the disastrous situation created by Las Alcobas for the people who live nearby it.

We pay a premium to live in St. Helena. Part of the charm we pay for is the open space within the city limits. There is nothing wrong with keeping it open. Why rush to sell? It’s paid off, and according to the City Manager, St. Helena is not in dire financial straits. In 20, 30, 100 years from now, the future citizens of St. Helena will thank us for preserving this open space.

We’ve been fighting for Adams Street, this crucial piece of property, since Safeway wanted to move onto it. How many meetings, studies, committees, focus groups have you and I already been involved in that have come to the same conclusion? We don’t want that property developed. However, this is a new Council, a new City Manager, all new city staff and they need to hear us say it once more. We need to rally again. This is our last opportunity to have our voices heard. Please show up on Tuesday, May 28. Let them know that we care.

Leslie Stanton

St. Helena

Editor’s note: According to a notice of the May 28 City Council meeting, the discussion of conditions, community values, and process related to possible future lease or sale of Adams Street property will be heard at the Tuesday, May 28 regular City Council meeting, 6 p.m. at Vintage Hall on the St. Helena Unified School District property.

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