Years ago, my mother had a copy of a poem propped up on her desk and often I'd read it and try to memorize it.

Lately I was thinking about the first line and decided to try to find it on the Internet. I was not only happily surprised to find it but to also know that it was written as a prayer by Mary Stewart, Queen of Scots.

On Wednesday morning, as I sat by the memorial to 9/11, I thought about all those who lost their lives that horrific day and how it seems that…

With all that is happening not only in Washington, D.C. but around the world, the words are really suited as we approach Thanksgiving and remember better times.


"Keep us O God, from pettiness. Let us be large in thought, in word, in deed.

Let us be done with fault finding and leave off self seeking.

May we put away all pretenses and meet each other, face to face, without self pity and without prejudice.

May we never be hasty in judgement, and always generous.

Let us take time for all things; and make us grow, calm, serene, gentle.

Teach us to put in action our better impulses straight forward and unafraid.

Grant that we may realize it is the little things of life that create difficulties; that in the big things of life we are as one.

Oh, Lord, let us not forget to be kind."

As we celebrate our Independence Day, I'd like to share a favorite poem written by Rabindranath Tagore a renowned Indian writer who died in 1941.

To quote Archbishop Desmond Tutu from his book, "Made for Goodness," "Evil cannot have the last word because we are programmed — no hard-wired — for goodness. Goodness is not just our impulse. It is our essence."

His dear friend The Dalai Lama says that kindness is his religion and their witness to such terrible events in their own countries only seems to have increased their faith in the "better impulses" of our human nature.

Those of us that will stand on the four corners of Third and Soscol on Sunday, Nov. 24, from 2-4 p.m. can also speak to the kindness and support of those passing by that cheer and wave.

No invitation is needed to join us, all are welcome.

Teresa Cahill


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