I attended the League of Women Voters Forum held at The Napa Valley Unitarian Universalist Church on May 2. This well-organized forum presented speakers from both the Yes and No sides of the Watershed and Oak Woodlands Protection Initiative, Measure C. At the end of the formal presentations, speakers were allowed a minute to make a closing statement.

No on C side went last. No on C spokesperson Phil Blake listed organizations that do not endorse C, with Mr. Blake stating that Napa County Land Trust does not endorse Measure C.

As most people are aware, Napa Valley Land Trust is neutral on all such issues and Mr. Blake's statement is deceptive. There was no rebuttal because this was the last word wrap up of the presentation.

It was disturbing to witness this. It is very sad that when we humans get scared and desperate, we resort to distorting the truth in blatant ways that can cause harm. It is my hope that this misstatement of facts by the No on C spokesperson will be retracted.

Voters rely on truthful information in order to cast their votes and indeed the League of Women Voters provided this forum so that voters could hear the truth.

Given the pattern of habitual misinformation issued from the No on C camp, Napa County voters are now well informed enough to cast their votes.

Thank you, League of Women Voters.

Steve Kuhler


Editor’s note: The Register asked Blake about the issue raised by the author and he sent the following response: “I made a closing statement that the Land Trust of Napa County and the Friends of the Napa River have not endorsed Measure C. I had read both Doug Parker and Bernhard Krevet's Register LTE's and felt confident that their organizations were on the public record as not having made an endorsement. I felt it important to mention, as I feel that the proponents commonly present the measure as a pro-conservation measure that anyone with an environmental consciousness would readily support. I feel that my comment was factual, was in no way a lie, or intended to be deceptive either.”

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