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The Order Sons of Italy in America Napa Lodge 2043 is having their annual Crab Feed Fundraiser this Saturday, Feb. 9. The past few years, the Napa Lodge has teamed up with the United States Coast Guard Chief Petty Officers Association out of Petaluma. The men and women of the Coast Guard serve your dinner and assist in any way they can for the event.

This year was looking like the men and women of the USCG would not be able to make the trip due to being under the Department of Homeland Security, therefore on furlough, until Cinnamon’s Wine Tours heard about the dilemma.

Cinnamon Williams, the proprietor, volunteered to travel to Petaluma, pick up all of the men and women drive them to the Crab Feed and drive them back to Petaluma after the event. Cinnamon’s words: “It’s the least I can do for the men and women that are serving our country”

The Napa Lodge uses its Crab Feed as a double fundraiser. They pass the hat during dinner for our Coasties. The association, in turn, use the donations for their young recruits who have a family emergency they need to get home for.

Huge kudos to Cinnamon’s Wine Tours for your kind generosity, stepping up for the men and women that serve our country, being an inspiration, and providing us with a great, uplifting story. After learning the partial government shutdown was over, Cinnamon’s Wine Tours are standing by their word traveling to Petaluma and back for our Coast Guard. Cinnamon is a real treasure here in our valley.

Anna M. Graeber


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