Stop doing the same thing over and over

Stop doing the same thing over and over


Albert Einstein tells us that "One definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again but expecting different results." With respect to increasing gun violence in America, what we've been doing over and over again for years has obviously proven to be ineffective. Clearly, change is needed.

While most of us can agree that some type of change is needed, we can reasonably disagree about what type of change that should be. In my opinion, the increasing gun violence problem could be best addressed by creating a set of regulations that treat guns as we do automobiles and other things that are potentially hazardous to the public health. These regulations would not significantly impact hunting or recreational use.

Guns could be registered. Certain weapons, such as assault-style machine guns could be declared illegal. Background checks could be implemented and enforced. Effective gun violence studies could be done in order to create data that would inform rational discussion. Funding for mental health could be increased. Committing young people to fight in open ended wars that produce hundreds of thousands of PTSD casualties could be reevaluated by our political leadership.

It is time to speak out for comprehensive change and a healthier society.

Kirk Reid



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