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In regards to the article "Planned cemetery would offer a ‘green’ send-off,” (Feb. 25), published Sunday, we wish to correct and add some information regarding green burials.

The article indicated that the closest green cemetery is in Sausalito, while it is actually right here in Napa. The Board of Trustees and staff recognized this trend and have offered "green burial services" since 2015. Currently, we have provided this service to more than 14 families, and are in the process of creating 276 additional green burial sites.

While offering traditional ground burials and cremations, we will continue to stay abreast of the current trends and offer the services that the community requires.

Tulocay Cemetery has been providing services since 1859, and we look forward to remaining the Napa Valley's premiere cemetery for years to come. Please call our office at 252-4727 should you have any questions or comments as to how we may assist your family, now or in the future.

Along with the undersigned, our board consists of Jim Cassayre, John Imrie, Ed Farver, Wyman Smith, Greg Bennett and Jeff Gerlomes, and has been wonderfully served by Mr. Peter Manasse, the Cemetery and Mortuary Home manager for well over 24 years.

James L. Asbury

President, Tulocay Cemetery Association, Inc.

Kevin Teague

President, Tulocay Mortuary, Inc.

Editor’s note: The authors are correct and the story has been updated to reflect this information.

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