It's that time again. Every four years we can vote for our district supervisor and make the decision on how well the person has been with our issues and beliefs. This year my biggest issue is Measure C.

The reason I am so passionate is that is has to do with water in our county. I have felt for the last few years that the supervisors as a group were more impressed by the new money coming into the valley instead of the people already living here. This water issue is going to play a big role in my voting this year.

And why am I in favor of Measure C? I am on a well which I slowly see going down. The water table and our famous aquifer is being overused. I have been very careful of my water use, but that really doesn't matter if new vineyards and wineries are constantly moving to this county.

And every new winery does not need to be a party venue. First we do not have the roads to handle the crowds these people are hoping for. Traffic jams seem to rule the roads now. And I don't see them removing vineyards to build roads.

Another issue that has disturbed me are the arguments the No on C people have been making. It almost sounds as if they are desperate to convince people to vote their way or it will be the end of the world. They keep saying C is poorly written but don't point out where.

I read the whole measure several weeks ago and I did not see the "poorly written" sections. I think what they really mean is it will restrict their long term goals.

I urge you to consider very carefully what the future of the valley will be - a land of vineyards, wine bars, hotels and entertainment centers or the peaceful hills covered with trees.

Penny Pawl


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