Reading your message about supporting the Register (“From the Editor: Making the Big Ask,” April 28), I wondered what we would do if we didn’t have the Register on a daily basis. We take so many things for granted here in our beautiful valley.

If we didn’t have a paper, how would we know what our wonderful school children are doing, which team is the best this year, which young man or woman won a scholarship based on their talent and scholarship abilities, who is doing what downtown, what restaurant has opened or closed, what’s happening at the Farmers Markets, what is the city council up to, who is applying for a permit to build yet another winery and how are our supervisors responding to our country road problems and traffic?

All these things I read about in the Register, even though we cannot get home delivery where we live and have to read it online.

Napa is a wonderful place to live and has many great amenities, like the Lucky Penny Theater Company, located in a commercial warehouse area that you have to know about to find (1758 Industrial Way, # 208, Napa 94558). My husband and I recently attended a production of a play called “Rapture, Blister, Burn,” which was beautifully acted, funny and poignant and made you think about choices and consequences that are presented by modern life. Wonderful show and I wish more people could attend and support Lucky Penny so they can continue to produce plays and we can enjoy their shows.

If we do not support our local treasures, we will lose them. I hesitate to call a local newspaper a treasure but it, along with Lucky Penny, truly is.

Marjorie Caldwell


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