So Trump’s latest exercise in promoting his distorted view of “Making America Great Again” and other misguided aphorisms is to direct “his” military to plan a huge parade in Washington.

Although the military leaders are responding to this as a directive from the ersatz “Commander in Chief,” many congressional representatives are questioning the money and time involved as wasteful and irresponsible.

I understand this idea originated when Trump was viewing a Bastille Day parade in Paris last July. Apparently he was very impressed with the pomp and circumstance of the French.

It is my sense that compared to the commitments of the U.S. military world wide, the French and many other countries have not contributed anywhere near as much as the Americans. We have been and continue to be seen as the major military in the world, and oftentimes viewed as the global police force against tyranny and terrorism.

Why a tip from Jim Brown? NFL players started celebrating touchdowns some years ago, with various displays including spiking the ball, etc. At the time, many “Old School” players of immense ability and commensurate humility objected to these antics. Hall of Famer Jim Brown, among others, stated that the guideline for players scoring touchdowns should be to “act like you have been there before.”

Trump should take this advice to heart and recognize we don’t need to have a parade like the others, because we have, in fact, been there many times before.

Eric Zimny


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