While attending my sixth BottleRock, a friend of mine, Dana Barks, pointed out an interesting fact. At events such as BottleRock, you get to see our local first responders out and about on foot and on bicycles. It provides a great opportunity to say hello and engage them in conversation.

I followed Dana’s advice. I was rewarded with several brief, but enjoyable, conversations, a few long conversations that enlightened me, and by chance I was present when two CHP officers responded to a medical emergency. The care, the consideration, and the respect shown by these two officers was truly impressive. They have my respect and gratitude for how they helped a stranger.

BottleRock, like some other events, provides an opportunity for us to talk with some of our first responders: police, sheriff, fire, EMT, CHP. Say hello when you have the opportunity. You will get to know our first responders. They will get to know the community they serve better.

Other people seeing you engage in these conversations will see the first responders as being more approachable than they might have thought. We and the first responders will walk away from such encounters with a better, more positive view of each other. That view will influence how each of us responds the next time we have to interact with the other.

Or in other words, use events such as BottleRock to build bridges. It helps makes our community stronger and better.

Greg Ciapponi


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