Thanks, Supervisor Pedroza

Thanks, Supervisor Pedroza


I would like to thank, on behalf of the Lake Berryessa community, Supervisor Alfredo Pedroza for all his hard work for the revitalization of Lake Berryessa.

Twelve years ago, the Bureau of Reclamation (BOR) promised the residents of Lake Berryessa, and the million visitors a year of Lake Berryessa, that this beautiful “Diamond In The Rough Lake” would experience a “seamless transition” after the closing and demolition of the five resorts around the lake.

This promised transition resulted in the closing of our local schools, many local businesses and loss of jobs, and accounted for the loss of value in local real estate, and very substantial increases in water and sewer rates for the lake residents.

At first, the community vehemently protested the closing of the resorts, attending numerous meetings held by BOR, who promised they were listening, but, in fact, were treating the residents and visitors like a piece of “coal” instead of the “Diamond In The Rough Lake” as previously described, hoping the residents would tire of protesting.

We listened hopefully to the BOR’s illusory promises that they understood what went wrong with the original transition promise , and they would spend millions of dollars to study what went wrong, only to be finally told a dozen years later, that they were only in the water business, and couldn’t fix the situation, and they didn’t know what to do, and would do nothing

Three years ago, our local supervisor, Alfredo Pedroza, decided to confront this situation, after many skeptics considered the revitalization of the lake a lost cause.

Supervisor Pedroza started working to get our fire insurance rates stabilized, by leading the efforts of the county to create the New Cappell Fire Station.

Supervisor Pedroza, using his banking background. worked with the BOR, creating the Master Partnership Agreement, to be finalized in February 2020, allowing investments, including long-term concession agreements, for the revitalization of the Lake.

Supervisor Pedroza, thank you for your perseverance on behalf of Lake Berryessa, for realizing that a diamond is a chunk of coal that stuck to its job.

Stu Williams

Lake Berryessa


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