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I’m writing this letter out of sincere appreciation and gratitude to Marc and Brenda Lhormer for creating the Napa Valley Film Festival, and I was sad to hear that they were unceremoniously and unexpectedly ousted from the organization recently, as covered in the Napa Valley Register.

As both a Napa resident and a filmmaker who had the privilege of premiering a film at the NVFF, I was blown away by the amount of passion and inspiration they both brought to the festival. It was amazing to see how personally invested they were in curating the selection of films shown at the festival.

In addition to this, they worked tirelessly to ensure that everything beyond the films was inspired and aligned with the values and essence of Napa Valley, drawing visitors from around the world to experience their creation. Thank you to Marc and Brenda for this gift of cinematic celebration that Napa Valley will hopefully continue to enjoy for years to come.

Alan Kropf


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