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Thanksgiving through a school community

Thanksgiving through a school community

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Six months ago, my sister was diagnosed with ovarian cancer (stage 1 and 3 to be exact )and nothing could have surprised us more than knowing her position as a teacher/personal assistant to a special needs little girl that she has followed from preschool to West Park School was being threatened because of her diagnosis.

She will never say this, but I will because I am her sister, but that last month of teaching with a growing mass was an absolute sacrifice of dedication and love particularly when it comes to this little girl completing her last year at the school. She pushed through all the pain and sickness that last month of May and June in order to see this little girl succeed and be promoted into junior high school.

When my sister went into the hospital to get her mass removed, little did she know that there was a plan of action already taking place with the ladies at the school that she taught at. The teacher who she actually supported in the classroom that she was in sprang into action visited her at the hospital and asked her what her needs would be.

My sister, always being very self-sufficient, said she didn't need anything, but that wasn't true at all because within a month's time the teachers at West Park School spring into action and organized to start bringing meals to her when she was home and ready. This all began at the end of August when school started and they continued until today, bringing their last meal to our home.

Their support consisted of not just food, but flowers, gifts, cards, visits, texts, hugs, prayers and a million “I love you”'s and “want you to get well soon.” Especially during the hard times when chemotherapy was administered and she was very, very sick because of the side effects.

We cannot sufficiently thank them enough for their sacrifice of time in preparing meals and organizing in such a busy time of year.

West Park School is not just a school for children to attend but, from what I've seen has been, an amazing place for teachers who need a family or just simply need to be supported.

My sister made it through some very difficult times knowing that she was supported by the staff at West Park School but also by a man, her boyfriend, who stood by her not knowing what to do except be there and love her and help her when needed.

Elizabeth Foster, Director

Hopper Creek Montessori School

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