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The battle continues regarding development on Napa Valley hillsides, etc. Back on Dec. 2, 2007, there was a letter to the editor entitled “Defacing the entrance to Napa,” by Jay and Maxine Jacobs.

It stated, in part, "Aren't we lucky, a beautiful hillside is about to be transformed into city streets and lots of houses. Why not just leave the cattle and rolling hillsides alone? Once the bulldozers do their dirty work, the entrance to our city will never look the same. If this project is allowed to move forward, I only hope that those who give it the green light have a very guilty conscience because of how they have defaced the entrance to the city forever!"

This development was not Napa Oaks II, but another attempt to change the valley. The fight continues and many outside interests will try to alter the Napa Valley that so many of us treasure.

Beverly N. Wendel