The letter to the editor "Analyzing the DACA decision," (Sept. 13) supposedly focused on positive and negative impacts of ending President Obama's unconstitutional executive fiat.

The author listed five of what she considers negative impacts of reversing DACA. The author's list of positive impacts of reversing DACA was empty.

To assist the author in completing her "analysis" of the DACA decision, I suggest some of the positive impacts of reversing DACA. These facts relate to illegal immigration in total and thus only a portion of these amounts could be considered related to the Dreamers.

Estimated Cost of illegal immigration to California taxpayers (Source: The Heritage Foundation, "The Fiscal Cost of Unlawful Immigrants and Amnesty to the U.S. Taxpayer," 2013):

Direct benefits: $0.032 billion;

Education: $9.858 billion;

Means-tested aid: $3.253 billion;

Ordinary services: $4.741 billion;

Federal Tax Revenue collected from illegal immigrants: -$3.786 billion;

State Tax Revenue collected from illegal immigrants: -$3.690 billion;

Annual Estimated Cost Of Illegal Immigration To California taxpayers: $10.408 billion.

(Amounts are the Heritage study national totals multiplied by the California portion as determined in the Pew Research Center Hispanics Trends survey)

The Heritage study excludes pure public good expenditures, government administrative support functions and interest and financial obligations. Heritage reduced refundable Additional Child Credit and Earned Income Tax Credit for unlawful immigrants to zero for this study. Additionally, the Heritage study does not include Remittance Payments or the cost of crimes committed.

The author also omitted that the President of the United States has reassured the Dreamers that they have nothing to worry about because he will do everything that he can to ensure that the legislative branch will provide a solution before the expiration of the six-month period.

Dick Lain


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