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Here we go again, dealing with another mass shooting; the new “worst in the history of our country,” with 59 people dead and hundreds wounded.

Never in their wildest dreams could the framers of our Constitution have envisioned modern weaponry. All they knew were muzzle loaders and dueling pistols, not handheld weapons so powerful they could pierce walls or fire hundreds of bullets per minute.

If they could have looked into the future to see what we are dealing with now, they would have been much more circumspect in the wording of the Second Amendment. Nor could they have foreseen a citizen of this nation who would coldly open fire on his fellow citizens gathered to simply listen to music.

I don’t know the answer to diminishing the gun violence that pervades our country. I do know what I will do if I lose a loved one to a mass shooter: I will sue the driving force against sensible gun control laws in our country: the National Rifle Association.

This is madness, and we must somehow find the wisdom to create a balance between citizens’ rights and citizens’ safety. Suing the NRA seems like a good place to start.

Martha Wise