Who are they? To Trump they are people who don’t look like, agree, or flatter him.

He has derogatory names and labels for groups and individuals he uses at his whim.

It is not only the skin color of people he says are from ****hole countries he may dislike.

There are Hispanics he labels rapists, gang members with no mercy for even a little tike

many of whom he still separates from a parent causing them lasting damage and strife.

He’s made expendable the Kurds, our allies, whose bravery saved many an American life.

He’s left them to the Turks/Russians to slaughter. Giving no thought to the very outcome

of actions he takes without consultation of wiser men but to please Pres. Erdogan some.

After all, he and his family have business in Turkey. We have known for some time that he

will protect his own interests before those of “we the people.” His own supporters don’t agree

with this last Syrian move. He has blood on his hands and by extension as our leader, so do we.

I don’t know about you, but I object to his actions and really don’t want them to reflect on me.

He will not only be guilty in the deaths of the Kurds and people who have died in detention

but of our system of government whose co-equal branches he doesn’t recognize, I might mention.

He openly, yes openly, requests the help of foreign nationals in our elections to interfere for him.

For he’s not met a law that applies to him. It makes the glow of Liberty’s torch seem far more dim.

This used to be “the land of the free and the home of the brave” but Trump’s soiling our reputation

and with it our standing in this world. If we let him, he’ll get what he wants that is our total isolation.

He fails to realize this is a global economy and part of our success is due to what others contribute.

His tariffs are hurting our farmers and before he is done there may be nothing left for us to distribute.

We will not be free if we let others meddle in the choice of our president in our own elections

for he or she will be beholden to them and us manipulated by them in making our selections.

We need to be brave and stand up to him putting the greater good above the individual one.

If we do not, we are signing our own death warrant and our days of democracy will be done.

This is not Trump-land, it’s America last I checked. If you want it to stay that way then I do beg you

to help make him “the other” and sideline him with impeachment-by-trial giving him his just due.

Dorothy Northey


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