I was shocked to read the first sentence of Manuel Lemos’ March 1 letter stating: “It was hard to believe that my senators voted to allow babies who are born alive after surviving abortion to die or be killed.”

I phoned Sen. Dianne Feinstein’s San Francisco office to obtain a clarification. The Senate bill to which Mr. Lemos referred is SB-311, introduced by Republican Sen. Ben Sasse of Nebraska in response to a proposed bill in the state of Virginia that would allow abortion up until the moment of birth. I don’t know if the bill has been debated, passed or defeated in the Virginia House of Delegates or how much support or opposition such a proposal has in the state of Virginia.

I tried, but could not find a link to proposed legislation on the state of Virginia’s official website. However, I was able to go online and read S-311 as introduced by Sen. Sasse.

Sen. Feinstein voted against SB-311 because existing federal laws already protect the lives of babies who are born alive in the United States. There are also laws in place to prosecute anyone who may kill any person who is born alive in the Unites States. SB-311 was unnecessary. If Sen. Kamala Harris voted against SB-311, it was likely for the same reason.

I urge anyone who reads or hears such explosive rhetoric to do a little research before attributing such negative actions to our elected officials.

It is ludicrous to think that either Sen. Feinstein or Sen. Harris would vote to allow or support infanticide.

Martha Wise


Editor's Note: The Virginia bill, HB 2491, has been referred to the Committee for Courts of Justice, where it remains as of March 4.

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