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Why we have Measure C on this June’s ballot is a very perplexing question for me. Do we not have a scientifically validated Napa County General Plan?

Does Napa County not have some of the most stringent environmental regulations in the country?

Do we not have an Agriculture Preserve in place that says that the highest and best use of land in Napa County’s unincorporated areas is agriculture (within approved guidelines)?

Is there not a study of watershed health currently being done for the county and the city of Napa?

Don’t we want our elected officials, current and future, to be able to make modifications to our regulations as times and conditions necessitate?

If your answer to all of these questions, like mine, is a strong yes, then you are probably asking yourself the same question I started out with: Why is Measure C on our June ballot?

I understand the initiative process and what it represents but it, like many other well-intentioned processes, can cause tremendous unnecessary expenditure of time, energy and resources.

Napa County’s oak woodlands and watersheds are amongst the best protected in the United States. Generating, and perhaps passing, an initiative that would interfere with all of the good things currently in place and ultimately stop agriculture completely in some areas of the county, where agriculture is specifically the highest and best use of the land, is a disaster waiting to happen.

The unintended consequences of this unnecessary measure can be seen by all with a short drive to the Santa Clara Valley.

Please join me in voting No on Measure C and continue to preserve and protect our beautiful Napa Valley.

Bill Keever