They don't want to hear this

They don't want to hear this


They don’t want to hear this

To the authors of “Protect the River Against Squatters” (June 25) and “I’ll Remember Those Who Supported This” (June 25). Thank you for expressing your opinions, but you know the social bullies out there don’t want to hear it.

Christine Crawford


How liberals really regard black conservatives

Mr. Hammaker took great care in describing the racial and identity make-up of the Napa GOP event on June 8 (“In Memoriam: Napa County’s GOP,” June 26). It is the epitome of ironic that Mr. Hammaker said D’Sousa “embodies the values and morals of today’s Republican party” because his viewing of the world through identity- colored glasses thoroughly manifests the crisis within the Democratic Party.

As a white man, Mr. Hammaker has to cling to relevancy within his party by painting persons of color who disagree with him like myself as token. He couldn’t bring himself to even approach me, a black conservative woman, to do his readers the service of informing them and allow them to make up their own minds. He didn’t even respect me enough to include my name in the article.

Further proof of how liberals truly regard black conservatives.

Nonetheless, it is understandable that he directs his attacks outward to avoid the inevitable fate of a party that increasingly eats its own. I will work tirelessly to end this brand of self-destructive identity politics and evaluate people’s ideas on their merit, so that we can all work united and build a shared vision for our country.

Tamika Hamilton


Thanks for supporting our team family

The Napa High Track and Field family came together at the Hampton Inn & Suites at the end of May to celebrate an amazing season. Thirty-seven athletes earned All-VVAL honors, meaning they finished in the top 6 at the league championships. Twenty-two athletes competed in the post season with nine qualifying to compete in the Meet of Champions. In addition to their amazing athletic ability, 26 team mates earned a GPA of 4.0 or higher in the 2nd semester. Amazingly three of these students earned a 5.0 GPA. One of the recipients of this year’s Culture and Legacy Award was Steve Gonsolin. Steve has been the team’s Jumps Coach for 24 years. He continues to hold two Napa High School records; the JV Triple Jump and the Varsity High Jump. Thank you, Steve, for your dedication to our athletes. We would also like to thank the Hampton Inn & Suites for hosting our awards ceremony. Along with Filippi’s Pizza Grotto helping us to feed the athletes and their families. We are so fortunate to have a businesses like this in our community who are willing to support our student-athletes.

Kamron Jones, head coach

Lotte Cosca, team mom

I am one who supports this

I do not know who George King is (“I’ll remember those who supported this,” June 25) but as someone who has protected the “venerable symbol” he is referring to (the American flag I marched behind for 25 years in the U. S. Army) I am thrilled that the Pride flag is flying over our city hall. Include me in that “loud, whiny minority” that wants to see all people treated equally.

Homophobic slurs, intolerant rhetoric and plain-out bigoted behavior has no place in our town nor anywhere people come together for community. Long may it wave to remind us of that. Please remember me as someone who supports this.

Bill Chadwick


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