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The upper echelons of the Department of Justice and the FBI have apparently ushered in an era when we will, unfortunately, be confronted with increased criminal deviance on many levels, crimes white- and blue-collar.

These near term and continued eruptions will be on the local, state, and federal levels, and there will likely be bleed over reciprocity from overseas elements who really believe that they have been unduly subjected to extra-judicial overreach by American agencies, the disgustingly corrupt CIA inclusive.

There were questions raised when we saw actual footage of the elder Tsarnaev brother naked and cuffed one minute and corpse cold the next. Who dunnit?

This monarch visits that footage occasionally, and apparently others do as well, given the view counts, many more since the Devin Nunes memo release.

The shallow end of this promising new year appears to be an important bookmark on when the proverbial sea change began. On the night of the president's State of the Union address, we experienced a Super Blue Blood Moon, prophetic in appearance, if not effect. A cleansing is now in effect, in spite of or because of the guy in the Oval Office, who himself was born under a lunar eclipse.

Factor in Fed chair Janet Yellin leaving her post on the eve of the stock market closing the week at 666, which may or may not be a projection of her, or the Fed, and you wind up with cosmic hypotheses that are epic in proportion, you know.

This monarch has gotten new queries and noticed new viewings of the Las Vegas shooting press conferences, particularly regarding information conveyed initially by the local sheriff, and the facts provided later on, sorting it all out notwithstanding. Who persuaded him to change his statements? The cleansing hands of time will give birth to that answer.

The apparent FBI and DOJ mistake regarding the FISA warrants will have many, many unintended outcomes. Many folks who have been wrongly harmed in some way by suspect bureau forays and alleged set ups, will bow their backs and emit questions as never before.

When crooks smell a weakness in norms and law enforcement, they are uber motivated by animosity, vengeance, and greed, just to name a few. We hope that none of these problems come to fruition. Trump may be guilty of something, six ways to Sunday, but the alphabet soup agencies will likely reap what they have sown.

Jarvis William Peay