This is "not so radical?"

This is "not so radical?"


I feel compelled to respond to the letter, “Try the Libertarian Alternative” (June 16). In it, Mr. Pramuk's states that libertarian policies “are grounded in self-ownership and self-determination” and in “freedom from restrictions or coercion by the government.”

Sounds good until you think about what this actually means.

According to Wikipedia, the Libertarian Party supports a massive reduction in regulations on business, including elimination of the minimum wage, reducing restrictions on polluting our environment, and allowing corporations to become a monopoly. It would eliminate welfare programs for the poor – suggesting that they rely instead on charities. It would even eliminate the Internal Revenue Service.

The Libertarian Party supports elimination of our public school system, phasing out Social Security, and repeal of our Medicare and Medicaid programs. It would also remove all restrictions on guns and legalize illicit drugs, pornography, prostitution, and polygamy.

The writer ends his letter by saying, “Consider these not-so-radical ideas to move forward.”

Not so radical?

Louise Diana


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