Thoughtful, good-hearted people can disagree on the best way to advance our community.

That’s the case with Measures C and D. There are good people on both sides of the issue, and a respectful debate is good for our democracy. We all want what's best for Napa, despite disagreement on how to get there.

While well-intentioned, I believe both measures are flawed and I will be voting 'no.'

Measure C locks in requirements that were drafted before 70,000 acres of our watershed burned last October and bypasses a deliberative public process for developing holistic oak woodland and watershed management protections. While many counties and environmental groups are embracing healthier forests through fuel management, Measure C would complicate those efforts in our county.

Measure D will also create unintended consequences. While I respect the initiative’s motives, the official non-partisan legal review of Measure D says taxpayers will have to pay to defend the initiative in court should the county be sued if Measure D passes. We can do better.

Let’s do what Napa County does the best -- let’s come together, identify the real problems and come to a consensus on a comprehensive solution that the Board of Supervisors can implement into law. And, when conditions change or improvements are needed, we can modify the law instead of forcing a vote of the people every time a change is needed.

State Sen. Bill Dodd


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