Together, we can make a difference

Together, we can make a difference

From the From the Mailbag: A tribute to first responders and everyday heroes series

Late Sunday evening, I received a text message from a family member from out of town: "Such destruction! So much loss and tragedy. Where does one begin to recover or start over?"

My reply was, that question has actually been asked and answered by so many survivors so many times before. "Each of us must start right where we are at, and together we can all make a difference."

The "silver lining" in the worst of times has always been to see the very best of the human spirit. Not just friends, neighbors and families reaching out to each other, but also helping those they do not know. Seeing the need and filling the void by word and deed.

The Dali Lama, once said, "Kindness is my religion."

Indeed! That is a religion that we can all believe in: Faith in the human spirit that reflects the spirit of hope, charity, love and kindness.

As a child, I remember my school and church "adopting" sister schools and churches. And, so, I wonder how we might all apply that concept now with schools and churches; businesses and wineries, hotels and restaurants; chambers, towns, and counties?

For as large an area as the North Bay is, it has managed to retain and foster a spirit of community. I believe in it! And, I believe we are about to see it rise from the ashes, and see it really shine!

Frank Frederico


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