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The proponents for the recall of St. Helena Mayor Alan Galbraith would like to thank Napa County Retired Superior Court Judge Scott Snowden for his efforts to successfully mediate a resolution to the recall.

The recall effort was not initiated on the spur of the moment, nor was it an enjoyable task. The proponents, however, felt it was a necessary process to bring awareness to the grievances and frustrations expressed by many city residents concerning the mayor's leadership, judgment, management and voting record.

We're grateful the mayor has agreed to participate in several town hall style meetings, moderated by Judge Snowden. We're also optimistic that taking this action will be far less divisive in our community and save our city the cost of a special election.

The past proponents of the recall are writing this letter to invite and encourage St. Helena residents to attend one or more of the public meetings, with Mayor Galbraith, that will be scheduled during January and February. Come and let your thoughts and interests be heard. Whether you agree with the recall efforts or not, this will be a chance for all of us to speak our minds, share our interests and discuss the direction we envision for our city's future.

The first of up to four moderated meetings will take place on Monday, Jan. 22 at the Native Sons Hall on Spring Street. The meeting will begin at 6 p.m. and continue until everyone has had an opportunity to express their input, but not to exceed four hours. "Water" will be the main topic for discussion at the first meeting.

Dates for the remaining public meetings in January and February will be announced as soon as all parties confirm their attendance and venues are determined.

Please join us.

Tom Belt, one of the 26 recall proponents

St. Helena

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