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Trial of Trump in Senate commences

Trial of Trump in Senate commences

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Last week, we observed a group of nine solemn individuals marching from one side of the Capitol to the other to deliver Articles of Impeachment to the U.S. Senate.

The seven newly appointed House of Representative Managers were led by Cheryl L. Johnson, Clerk of the House, and Paul D. Irving, the House Sergeant at Arms. Ms. Johnson carried the relatively slim folders in a manner as if they were atop a commemorative silver tray reserved for such an occasion. I imagined it would be stored in a china cabinet outside Nancy Pelosi’s office.

My fertile imagination further wondered if any of the managers thought that this tray might figuratively carry the President’s head back to the House following a successful trial and guilty verdict in the Senate.

I either have your attention to continue reading or you are writhing in disgust; or both.

At this point in time, Democrats are of the opinion that the next few weeks will be a defining moment for more than Mr. Trump. They see it as a make-or-break contest for the viability of the Constitution, the Founding Fathers' intent behind Separation of Powers, and the great American experiment in Democracy.

It appears that Republicans view it as an exercise in looking as senatorial as possible while doing everything possible to preserve their seats. Their plan is to divert olfactory attention from the stench emanating from their cowardice, while keeping enough of Trump’s supporters on their side to ensure re-election.

I understand from legal experts that you can’t have a trial of any sort without some witnesses that testify, and written documents relevant to the question at hand. Further, that the two previous presidential impeachments that went to trial contained both. At this time, Senate Majority Leader McConnell and the White House believe that both are unnecessary. This is labeled a blatant cover-up plan by the opposition.

It will take all Democrats to stand firm on the issue, and for at least four Republicans to stand with them for witnesses and associated documents to be allowed.

It will be interesting to see if anything extraordinary happened while the Senators are in their respective states over the long weekend; perhaps a handful of Republican senatorial epiphanies will make Tuesday truly consequential.

Eric Zimny


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