Many of you were able to witness the twinkle in the eye of your children or grandchildren when they first saw their presents on Christmas Day. It is an incredible joy.

Now imagine the twinkle in the eye when a kid first appears on stage and sees a full house, when a girl first wakes up in the forest and hears the morning birds, or when a girl crosses a finish line after running 5 kilometers, or 3.1 miles. It is also an incredible joy.

Cafeteria Kids, Upper Valley Girl Scouts and Girls on the Run are three organizations that can help you keep the Christmas spirit all year around.

If you are still high from the boost of feel-good Oxycontin that giving releases in your body, know that you can keep on giving before the clock hits midnight on Dec. 31. You can choose to extend the twinkle in the eyes of children by giving to any of the mentioned youth organizations that work Upvalley or many other featured in the napavalleygiveguide.org

Norma Ferriz

St. Helena

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