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The article “Limit public speakers to 2 minutes? Citizen activists and Napa County supervisors say 'no way'” (Jan. 27) begins with how citizen activists fear that the “two-minute timer” threatens to unduly limit public participation.

My question is why?

I know from my own experience as a professional engineer that if you cannot explain your argument within two minutes, you probably do not understand it yourself. What is a “citizen activist” primarily, a citizen with a duty to present his argument or an activist intent on disrupting the meeting by protest and filibuster?

As a citizen, you should be saying 'thank you' for protecting my duty to present my case concisely and clearly, but as an activist you may feel frustrated by not having more time to filibuster. What are your priorities?

Diane Dillon says that she and other supervisors think the effort needs more work. What more work? More time for protest theatrics? Please explain.

My priority is as a citizen, and I think my argument fits within the two-minute timer.

Dennis Olson