Valle Verde homeless apartment is bad for neighbors

Valle Verde homeless apartment is bad for neighbors


We selected the Silverado Creek neighborhood to buy our Napa home. It was a newer, moderately priced group of homes close to medical services and various markets. We’ve enjoyed living here and knowing our neighbors. We keep our home in good condition, and most others who live here do the same.

In recent weeks, we learned that the old Sunrise senior citizen home, on Valle Verde, is to be changed into a homeless facility with additional new buildings added to the complex.

During the last city election, we supported the new changes in the Napa City Council makeup. We had hoped that the newly elected council members would better represent the people who comprise Napa. Unfortunately, this has not occurred. As is so often the case, the city takes care of the tourists, people with money and their own projects even when the citizens are against the projects.

The Heritage House Valle Verde project, for people who have been homeless, have mental and substance abuse problems, was brought to the city planning group. The group faithfully took the project in hand and then hired an organization to build and manage the facility.

Months later, the city decided they ought to let some local people in the area know about the project. The order of the process was backwards. The very first action the city should have taken was to immediately notify those living in the affected area about the project. Notices should have gone out to all residents/businesses within a mile of the projects location.

What we have not seen addressed in either of Howard Yune’s recent articles about the Heritage House project is the “bait and switch” by the Ga…

We do not want the Gasser Foundation project in our neighborhood.

The proposed new project for the Heritage House Valle Verde complex will just bring more people into our community who are likely to cause problems. In addition, students walk Valle Verde between home and school. They won’t be safe. This will devalue our property. We do not want the project. A better place for the project would be behind the Gasser Foundation Offices, on Soscol Avenue It would be closer to the troubled homeless facility on Hartle Court.

The best use of the Gasser money for the Sunrise/Heritage House building and additional buildings would be to house an estimated more than 1,100 senior citizens in need of a home.

Richard and Carolyn Cady



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