I’m writing in response to the recent letter to the editor by Richard and Carolyn Cady, who tell us they love their neighborhood and that they keep their home in good condition ("Valle Verde homeless apartment is bad for neighbors," Nov. 20).

They write that after the recent City Council elections, they had high hopes for the community, but that they see now that the “city takes care of the tourists, people with money and their own projects even when the citizens are against the projects.”

I’m sorry, Carolyn and Richard. Not all citizens are against all projects. NIMBYism - alive and well right here in River City.

Our homeless population is indeed human beings who need housing, and perhaps indeed, some of them do have mental and substance abuse problems. Let’s do what we can to help those we can.

Do we not have the decency to see that anyone who wants to have a roof over their head gets one?

The Cadys suggest that those people get housing over on Hartle Court. Where? In the shopping center parking lot? Between the homeless shelter and Ole Health Clinic? There are plenty of “residents” in that area already. Homeless - in tents near the river and in the park. Some of them, indeed, are senior citizens needing a place to sleep and their own place to live.

I’m not ignorant or stupid. In my professional career, I worked with the underserved population most of my life. Unfortunately, there will always be some people we can’t help. But there are more that we can help when there is the will to do so. That you, Gasser Foundation. You are a beacon of light.

I applaud the backers of the big advert in the newspaper against this project encouraging readers to contact the City Council members. I did. I wrote to every one of them.

Kathleen Thomas


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