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Vice mayor is long election tradition

Vice mayor is long election tradition

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A kerfuffle has emerged over the traditional rotation of the "Vice Mayor" position and the current designee -- Doris Gentry -- referring to that position in the run-up to the election this fall.

Mayor Jill Techel has recently cried "foul" and wants to break the long tradition of vice mayor rotation because she asserts that Doris Gentry is referring to that position in her campaigning for mayor. Oh, horrors.

First, I like the mayor. I helped with two of her elections. I admire the years of hard work she and Bill Dodd led to secure Army Corps funding to remove much of Napa from the ravages of flood danger.

But on this Vice Mayor point, Mayor Jill Techel is wrong and hypocritical.

Before Jill 'decided' that the vice mayor position "should not be assumed by a candidate for council or mayor," Techel sought to steer that position to Scott Sedgley for an unprecedented second year in the council meeting on Dec. 17. Scott Sedgley was Vice Mayor last year and used the title in his campaigning activity last year.

Only after Techel was unsuccessful in getting the position conveyed to Sedgley -- a candidate she has publicly endorsed -- for the unprecedented second year, Techel took the position that if Scott can't have it a second time then Doris can't have it at all.

Any long-time local council watcher knows that the vice mayor-ship is a title that the designee will use in his or her campaign. Everyone has done it in the past, including Scott Sedgley last year. Mayor Techel has orchestrated the title designation in rotation to her political allies in the past.

So, tell the truth about what this vice mayor kerfuffle is all about. The mayor simply doesn't like Doris Gentry. She wants Scott Sedgley to be her successor and is working every angle to make that happen, including breaking tradition on the vice mayor-ship.

Kind of entertaining that when we are in the midst of an impeachment trial over campaign hi-jinks nationally, we have our own case in little 'ol Napa of the mayor seeking to "bend" the rules to try to advantage her political ally.

Joe Fischer


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