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I do not know by whom and why Measure F was originated and dreamed up. What I know is that most Vineyard Valley residents do not approve of this intrusive control over our existence.

Vineyard Valley residents live in harmony and mutual understanding with the owners of this incredible place. We are all privileged and grateful to be in this exceptional environment. Vineyard Valley is an oasis in the heart of St. Helena.

Vineyard Valley should be declared a nature preserve: A place where we live in harmony with nature, and yes, we also live in harmony with the owners of this “Park” that created this incredible environment.

We resent this intrusion by the St. Helena City Council, and others who are manipulating our lives.

Putting the community of St. Helena in the position to vote on something they know nothing about is a sly, deceptive move by the St. Helena City Council.

Vote 'no' on Measure F, as most Vineyard Valley residents will do.

Ferenc Brunner

Vineyard Valley

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