The oak woodlands in the hills of Napa County are a treasure worth protecting. They provide fresh water and diverse habitat for plants and animals. They add significantly to the beauty of this special place that elevates our spirits and attracts admirers from all over the world.

Common sense and established scientific principles tell us that oak woodlands and riparian vegetation absorbs and filters the rainfall that feeds our aquifer. The aquifer supplies water to our springs, wells, and streams all year long.

Well-managed vineyards on the hillsides can slow erosion and runoff but they can’t provide the habitat and the other advantages of diverse woodlands and riparian zones. Woodlands and the vegetation along our streams are the most diverse and healthy habitat for plants and animals.

Corporate wineries and wealthy developers are opposing Measure C for their own profit. They are distorting the facts in their mailings and on their signs. They are hiring out-of-town people to canvas the neighborhoods to spread their selfish message. They have hired political consultants to manipulate the truth.

We should vote 'yes' on Measure C to protect our clean water and diverse habitat. We should vote 'yes' on Measure C to preserve the quality of life we love here in Napa County.

Richard Niemann


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