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The biggest issue with IKEA's new warehouse location wasn't even mentioned in your article ("IKEA confirms American Canyon location with 200 jobs," Nov. 10).

How many truck trips per day is this massive facility going to add to the already over burdened roads? Highway 29 is already swamped with traffic from American Canyon's mismanagement of development and lack of alternate traffic avenues, holding everyone else using Highway 29 hostage to their poor planning.

Adding scores more truck trips each and every day should be addressed as a major problem posed by this new addition. Napa Valley faces an even greater bottleneck if our workforce must compete with more and more congestion caused by American Canyon. The American Canyon Planning (and I use that word very loosely) Commission should consider limiting IKEA's truck traffic to off hours only instead of further miring the commute up and down Highway 29.

David Else


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