It is a sad day here in the Napa Valley as we say goodbye to two outstanding employees of the Napa Valley Register.

We have been fortunate to have had these two journalists provide us valuable information relating to sports and photo journalism for so many years.

I am speaking of JL Sousa and Marty James.

JL Sousa has provided us with magnificent photography of many people, places and things in Napa Valley. He has a remarkable eye for his subject matter and was devoted to giving nothing but the best for us to share. He has a way of taking a photo of a normal/banal scene, object or event and portraying as a thing of beauty.

Marty James was devoted to providing us with detailed information for all the sports in Napa Valley and elsewhere. He was meticulous in covering sporting events, interviewing athletes, and giving insight into sports figures--local, national and international.

Both of these men loved their jobs and went beyond the call of duty--something that is rarely found in today's world--to bring us the news in written and photographic form.

My wife, Bernice and I will miss their contributions to the people of Napa Valley.

We wish both of them the best in their next adventure.

Way to go, guys.

Bill Carden


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