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Doug Ernst and I go back a long way. We never agreed on much, but we agreed to be friends. It was fun.

When I entered the door of the now former location of the Napa Valley Register, I would hear a voice from the rear corner of the office saying, 'Don't let her in!" I knew he was in and I recognized his "welcome."

I was usually promoting some pro-life activity, parish function, political meeting or position. He was very clear about his personal opposition, but was always fair in publishing mine and those who I represented.

Then when Doug was editor in St. Helena, and I was picking up grandchildren at school there, I would stop in there to visit. He welcomed me.

I have followed his writings over the years and remember him so fondly. Now, I can't seem to reach him, but I thought he might find this tribute in the Napa Valley Register.

If I could find him, I don't think he would say, "Don't let her in."

Love you, Doug.

Margie Crotty


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