We can stop damaging sediment

We can stop damaging sediment


We are concerned about the issue of sediment and debris and how it is affecting the Napa Valley watershed. This is due to agriculture and road/building construction. Sediment is going into our river.

This is a problem because when sediment and debris fall into the water, it kills fish eggs, plants, and tiny organisms that help keep our watershed healthy. When the sediment falls in the water, the temperature in the water rises because the river gets more shallow and all fish in the Napa Valley watershed need cold water to survive.

Some ways the community can stop this from happening before it permanently affects our watershed is by being aware and spreading the word to others. One solution is putting up small barriers near places where roads and buildings are being built to stop erosion and making sure your trash goes into the correct trash bin.

Together, we can stop sediment and debris from killing our Napa Valley watershed.

Lucie Poer, Skylar Hurst, Oscar Vega, and Chris Montanez

River Middle School

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