We don't understand the new Napa

We don't understand the new Napa


Are we the only ones that feels that there is a new Napa that we don't understand and sure don't care for? 

In the past, we had so many business, people and local ties that bound us together as a community we knew and loved as Napa.  Do you remember the Napa Valley Bank with tons of community spirit and friendliness?  It is gone, bought out by a new bank from out of town (carpetbaggers) that came in to take as much money as possible and send it out of our community and taking our hometown identity with them. 

Gone is Vallerga's, and with it the wonderful friendly employees we knew so well and Chris Vallerga's Burns, who we all knew and loved.  Who will be taking their place?  Some out-of-town company? 

Gone is the Bank of Napa taken over again by an out-of-town bank, just as Napa Valley Bank was years ago.  We loved Bank of Napa and transferred all of our money there when they opened and now we will move it all to another bank in town that is not a local bank but has been here in Napa for over 75 years and is the closest thing to a local bank that can be found. 

We could go on and on about the carpetbaggers that come into our town to take over and either send the money out of town or take it out as they leave: wineries, restaurants, retail stores, too many to mention. 

Out-of-townspeople seem to think they know more about what is right and good for Napa than the local people who have lived here for many many years or all of their lives. 

And then we get to the Napa High School Indian, the school's honored mascot.  Out-of-townspeople came and took away our beautiful respected name that had been a part of our lives for over 100 years. 

Again, we are in the hands of people who don't even live here and never have.  Maybe that is why they don't understand our true love of our Indian mascot. 

It is so sad losing so much of what made Napa great. It is time we stopped listening to people who don't live here and never have. Our elected officials need to listen to the people who put them in office when making changes and/or approving new businesses.

These are the same citizens who will vote them out.

Don and Alene Townsend



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