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First things first: I just ordered $100 worth of items online from Dick’s Sporting Goods. (Even got a 25 percent discount and free shipping.) They have a store in Coddingtown, too.

Second: I wrote a note of thanks to their chairman and CEO, Ed Stack, to commend him and his whole team for deciding to discontinue the sale of assault weapons, high- capacity magazines – and also deciding to have a customer minimum age requirement of 21 to buy firearms at Dick’s.

Their leadership stance is even more important when you learn that Dick’s is one of the nation's largest outdoor gear retailers.

Third: I reached out to those courageous Parkland high school students who have spoken out so forcefully as #neveragain. We must join them quickly to create a national movement that can reverse the political power of the leadership of the National Rifle Association (NRA).

I’m sure that most NRA members are disappointed in their leadership’s unholy stranglehold on politicians that is killing Americans every day.

Fourth: No. I’m not against guns; not against the Second Amendment. My son and his sons shoot. My uncle, Eddie, fed us during the cold Rhode Island winters with venison steaks from deer that he shot. So, sporting gun owners, hunters, shooters and collectors – continue to enjoy your sport.

But please stop supporting those few NRA leaders who are killing kids regularly by buying off politicians at every level – just so gun makers can sell more killing machines.

Google “Napa County gun clubs/shooting ranges” for plenty of Bay Area places that cater to sporting gun enthusiasts. You really do not need to pay annual dues to NRA.

Fifth: Dear readers, please join me in reaching out to the kids in Parkland, Florida as well as speaking out against the irresponsible gun lobby. Don’t let those Parkland kids die in vain!

Bill Ryan

St. Helena