Vision 2050 held a town hall meeting recently in Napa to discuss the need to protect Napa Valley's families, public health, and habitat. I was struck by the standing-room-only crowd of concerned residents. Many residents felt they had not only been priced out of their homes, but also had lost their neighborhoods, their sense of community.

We are deeply embroiled in a tourist economy. How do we, the residents, navigate the Valley's newfound popularity? Ideas were encouraged.

And the people were not shy. Napa City Council member Scott Sedgley asked residents to consider the greater good. He said elected officials try housing and traffic solutions but are met with strong resistance.

Others suggested the following: Stop marketing the Valley; Have the hotels provide employee housing; Increase parking spaces for businesses and hotels; encourage city and county cooperation; exercise the initiative process; Ride-share; Transform our two main arteries Upvalley into one-way streets; oust our elected officials; and finally, get involved or run for office.

More community input is needed to make a plan for our future. Vision 2050 will hold their next Town Hall meeting at the Native Son's Hall in St. Helena, Sept. 7 at 7 p.m. If you have any input, they ask for you to be there.

Pamela Jackson


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