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Steve Jobs once said, "Let’s go invent tomorrow instead of worrying about what happened yesterday."

As I read again in your paper this same band of folks with too much time on their hands and hurt in their hearts now try to throw out our mayor, stop Berringer, stop CIA, stop a hotel, stop the Wine Train from having their passengers shop in our stores. Stop, stop, stop never go, go, go.

Watch smart, sensible development and sales tax revenue go to Yountville, Healdsburg and Napa city. The data is clear on their influence. Revenues are St. Helena -- $2.1 million, Yountville -- $7.1 million, Calistoga -- $6.1 million. When you walk down too often sparse Main Street at different hours think about it, not just yourself.

Watch Restoration Hardware in Yountville, speak with the citizenry and government officials to come up with exciting new, sensible development that creates a dynamic community. See downtown Napa being transformed and Healdsburg, too.

When they don't get their way they file lawsuits and hire expensive out-of-town public relations firms because they can afford it. Like little kids who don't get their way. Drive developers away. Threaten. Congrats, as your tactics are sadly often successful.

We are blessed with so much in St. Helena but it can be much more. I love St. Helena and want it to be what it is and more, not stop in time. Thanks to those who care and try to make St. Helena a better and more dynamic community in which to live. Thank you for listening.

Henry Loubet

CEO Bohemia Health

San Francisco