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We need to develop our media "critical detectors"

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As a journalist since 1963, I want to thank you for your brilliant defense of our Fourth Estate in the Sunday edition, March 4 ("The things that leave a scar").

Dana Loesch's bogus defense of the National Rifle Association and her use of the term "legacy media" tells me she is a public relations professional for the arms industry. Why else would the NRA go to such great lengths after so many tragic events against students and other with high-priced military-grade weapons than to place profits before people.

Of course, the print and electronic media in the U.S. have in the past been used to manipulate the public, such as William Randolph Hearst's rush to judgment about the sinking of the battleship Maine that led directly to a war against Spain and the U.S. takeover of that country's colonies, the blame placed on Germany for starting World War I, the cover-up of the banker's plot to overthrow the newly-elected FDR administration in 1933, the still "cold case" of the execution of President Kennedy, the as yet incomplete government investigation into the attack on 9/11, the "unaccounted" for trillions of dollars at the Federal Reserve and the Department of Defense, the disappearance without trace of one hundred thousand American children yearly estimated by the FBI and the exposure of the media monopoly by the late Prof. Ben Bagdikian, to name a few instances where the mainstream media has failed us, with the very worst being the CIA's "Operation Mockingbird."

I must say though, I do share the right wing's fear of our government and see a need to develop our "critical detectors" in order to better separate truth from fiction in the mainstream media as well as on the Internet. And I disagree with those who say the "Greatest Generation" served during WW II. I think the our greatest generation will be the one that liberates our country from the forces of darkness that today threaten all humankind with nuclear, economic and environmental devastation.

Tom Cahill


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