In my experience as a counselor, teacher and an administrator at many Napa Valley Unified School District middle, high school and Napa Valley College for 19-plus years, I am livid at the recent articles printed in the Napa Valley Register.

The mission of NVC is student success, be it transfer, certificate programs or self improvement, not the squabbles of current Board of Trustees members. NVC is crucial to the ongoing development of our community, be it economically, socio/cultural relations, we are a community first.

After reading our local paper and attending local functions, I am voicing my support of two candidates who offer a collaborative spirit and vision for our students today. These candidates have voiced their support of internship development, truck driving certificates, among others, Mentis mental health services, utilization of campus for community emergency services, support of DACA students, potential student housing and soccer field, etc.

These two candidates are Kyle Iverson and Jeff Dodd.

Renee Hernandez


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