I hope Expo's board of directors will speedily reconsider their ill-advised vote not to renew the Napa Valley Model Railroad Historical Society's lease of its long-time unique facility at the fairground.

Evicting this valuable educational and recreational asset for, of all things, parking would be a retrograde as well as community-impoverishing action.

Cars proliferate to fill schemes and space expanded for them. Napa, now, has arrived at the tipping point toward irreversible degradation that addictive car-based community life and visitor activity can cause. For a century-and-a-half, however, we in the USA have had and led the world in driverless mobility. It's called trains.

The valley's property values, productivity, beauty and happiness may be lost to slavish promotion of traffic. Or enhanced by door-to-door connection-on-demand, and pathways for healthy feet and wheels, linked to swift or relaxed, clean, scalable modalities of the railway, transit and Vine Trail. Independence, freedom from all but disabled and minimal parking will mark viability and success of a 21st-century Expo master plan.

NVMRRHS' nicely funky and very durable Quonset huts house in their compact footprint a wonderful, dynamic, teaching facility, multimedia library and myriad practical learning opportunities in skills and crafts which invented our world and keep it working, even when the chips go down or are hacked.

Expo directors should treasure the gifts of fun and utility that the railroaders' club models. All who love Napa, junior to senior, are lucky to have it.

John Diamante


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